How ready is the robotic state of the art today for a fully robotized restaurant? How will the economics work? These are the questions we look to explore in this report.
Nothing draws crowds like robots blending cocktails, brewing coffee and pouring beer.
The emergence of robotic cooking technologies will drive the trend of fully automated and unmanned restaurants.
The rising cost of labor has prompted many restaurants to explore automation and robotics for their operations. One of the more widely adopted uses of…
In this report, we enter the world of autonomous driving and explore the numerous open datasets that are released publicly today.
This report compiles and explores the smart waste bin solutions and players in the market today for buildings and precincts.
This report compiles and explores the robotic, A.I. and IoT players in the Smart Restroom market.
This report compiles the list of solar panel cleaning robots that autonomously keep solar panel arrays clean and dust-free to maximize sunlight…
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